“Mercy” was formed in 2016 with Dr Christine Mercy, and singer/songwriter James Kevin O’Connor, it all started with the release of Dr Christine Mercy’s book “50 things I’ve learned in 50 years of life” This caught the attention of James who originally invited Dr Christine to be a guest on his radio show “dHarmic Evolution”, but then this quickly evolved into songwriting, and found both James and Dr Christine writing a song together about her trip to the gates of heaven from the meningitis flu attack that she fell victim to in the UK in 1989. What quickly followed was an entire album of Holy Scripture transformed into a Christian Rock Album entitled “I AM Victorious”, the full length album will be released in early 2017, they are also following that project up with another album that is being prepared for recording in January, titled “I AM Praise” but for right now, behold the debut single “I AM Victorious” from the band “Mercy”