Deep songwriting instinct meets strong musicianship on James Kevin O'Connor's latest opus, "Geography of the Soul."

James Kevin O'Connor is a metro New York area musician who brings his decades of rock and roll street creed to his never ending learning journey of the soul. The vocals bring together cascading melodies with beautiful harmonies, throaty lows and tenacious highs in a dynamic vocal range, bound together in a driving beat and full instrumental surround. 

James Kevin O'Connor's music maps out a territory all its own. It is connected to real life experiences, of love and losses, passion, power, pain, and forgiveness, as he claims his inner flame on each track. He speaks what's true.

Each song has a unique ending that leaves you ready to hear more of this unique and talented artist.  And there's no turning back!   

Review by Glenn Hoagland

The New Album, "Geography of The Soul", straight from music row in Nashville...

True, slice of life, short stories, using fiery guitars, piano, and drums.
Organic, classic rock, reflecting on contemporary subjects of the day.
Produced by Kim Copeland.

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"Geography of The Soul"

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