What do you feed your mind with?

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How have you been doing with your media habits? I did a FB live about this subject last night, and here is what I have been concerned about. The disintegration of our abilities to communicate on a human level. Overdosing on CNN and Fox news each day is no way to live an inspired life!

Fake news! (yes there certainly is, maybe all of it!) "He said, she said, they said, special counsel, investigate, subcommittee, new committee, inappropriate, cover up, porn star, infidelity, nonjudgemental, (but we all judge,) fair and balanced, what a bunch of crap! These people are the premium talking heads, paid a fat salary to read a teleprompter all paid for by evil world influencers desperately vying for control of your minds and votes only so they can further control you, me, and the world (eventually)

I tend to watch the UFC, I like the fact that the focus is on performance and training, winning
is always everyone's primary focus, that is always the end goal, however, I am sure that there is much political posturing that goes on behind the cage and the locker room. But when the referee says "are you ready, and are you ready? Let's get in on!" nothing else matters but two warriors out to destroy each other in a sport that is as old as the world itself. In some ways nothing is more pure, no politics, no agenda, I will beat you with my skills, my fists, my feet, my intelligence, and mostly, my heart and will. When the fight end's, even though we were arch rivals, and hated one another (in some cases), we will admire each other's bravery, skill, commitment, tenaciousness, warrior skills, and tremendous heart.

I also love nature shows, they exhibit the same life force tactics and determination, lioness's hunting for the family, if you don't kill several times a week, you and your family die! Does that create motivation? Have you ever been hungry? How about the magnificent water buffalo on the African plains, they share community and also share a hatred for Lions, as lions look to them for a source of food, but it's not so easy, the buffalo rally together and many times organize and kill a lion out of sheer power and strength in numbers. Once again, nature is purely organized, there is no subterfuge, no masked political agenda. Can man the overseer of birds and beasts humble himself and learn something here? Apparently not yet, but I am still hopeful!

Some of us are cautious about what we feed our bodies, we are becoming more conscious and aware about protecting the engine that drives us to our goals and purpose. However we have become quite cavalier about how we feed our minds. Just getting behind any of the latest talk show host, news story, angry venting, "we gotcha" piece, or some other devious story crafted and modified far from the truth, are all backed and tweaked by some political agenda. This is poison for the mind.

Do you or your partner park themselves in front of the 11:00 news each night? If so, do you ever wonder why you get up with a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach each morning dreading the day in front of you?  Sometimes not even knowing why? Your brain records it all, even when you have dozed off. Stop the madness, turn to inspiration, read things that lift you up and ditch the crowd of people that immerse themselves in negativity, reckless politics, and gossip! The people that mill around gossiping about others are the most malicious and insecure people in society, extricate them from your life, and yes, (even) and especially family members!

Its time to feed your mind something healthy, go to a library, read a real book, ya know, the kind you can hold in your hands, smell it, feel the parchment of the pages underneath your fingertips, enjoy the artwork on the cover. Pick up the phone and have an actual conversation with someone whom you admire and see light in. Do something you have not done before, and get out of your unconscious zone of negative media. Feed your mind with healthy inspirational content each and every day, then share it with someone close to you who needs it!

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