How do you start your day?

When beginning your day what do you do? What is your very first action right after you open your eyes? Do you eat, pray, exercise, turn on the TV? My ritual is as follows, I am sharing in the hope that I can help you create yourself a better day, please feel free to share back or give me some of your ideas so I can make my game better.

1) Make the bed, then on my knees to pray and thank God, for family first, then others, people close to me, ones who are struggling, strangers I have met on the street, down and outers, homeless, in bus stations who are hungry etc, new friends, old friends, the list can get big at times, but I always feel better afterwards.

2) Food, my 6 days no carb meal plan that dropped about 20 lbs two years ago and has reset my fighting weight permanently. I am happier, more energized, and more balanced this way.

3) Read inspirational pieces over breakfast, mostly about Jesus teachings, embrace the quiet sounds of nature, no media allowed for at least the first 2 or 3 hours. (No TV during the morning or afternoon ever!)

4) If in songwriting mode, take the first 30-90 minutes to write, I never get upset if nothing comes, its all about the discipline of showing up, you must think like a fisherman, some days you cast for hours without a bite, some days you land a whale. Early morning writing is my sweet spot, and I guard the hours between 4AM and 7AM with and Iron will, as I do my best work during those times.

5) Dive into Social Media updates, respond to any and all notes on socials with a personal response back to anyone who commented on any of my posts, or needed help.

6) Exercise, somewhere between 12 noon and early evening 4-6 days per week, mostly hot yoga but love hiking, the bike, or anything outside in the warmer months.

7) Lastly, I remember my 3 words to live by, Love, Inspire, Entertain, do at least 1-3 random acts of kindness. Call it a good day~