Rescue Ranger, or will the Cat love me?

A friend called last night to tell me about a cat that was stranded in a tree for 3 days and nights, after getting the correct ladder, I ventured up to see him in obvious distress walking back and forth on the outstretched branches of a large Oak tree. As I continued to speak to him my softer baritone voice, and calm him down, (throwing in a few jokes) I wondered what it was like, the isolation, the hunger, the loneliness, (felt that way myself a little the last few days) but alas, there is always a new sunrise, like today, a new opportunity for making a difference in the rotation of the planet, now matter how small or insignificant. As (Bellisimo, his name, I just learned) started to edge closer, and became more trusting of me, his piercing blue eyes studying mine, his beautiful white fur standing on end, he allowed me to stroke his fur just under his nose, and now his neck, I very calmly slipped my gloved finger under his collar, then lifted him into the air pulling his claws off the bark as if they were attached with super glue.

I then proceeded to get him in a position where he was a little lower in the tree, and, had a chance to hold him underneath the belly as I felt his claws penetrate my gloves and dig into my wrist, drawing blood. He was of course panicking, and looking for any anchor to hold himself from falling into the abyss of the "unknown" very similar to our own social behavior as human beings, when we are cast into unfamiliar territory, we thrash and grasp in the same way, reaching for any familiar ledge we can get a foothold on just to "feel familiarity" The unknown is scary!

So, climbing down the ladder with Bellisimo was never going to work, I found an opening in the tree branches, just below the rescue point, got a firm hold of him under the belly, it's only about 10' and soft grass below, it's either make the decision quickly, or he may get loose and panic back into the upper branches and starve or dehydrate. So ready, set, launch........................ it was a perfect toss, and an even better landing! He did not even break stride and made a beeline for his home and DINNER! 

So why is it that when we do something so small, and seemingly insignificant, we feel good! we feel validated, we feel a sense of worth and contribution, I don't really know, but whenever you are feeling low, do something for someone, or some..........................thing, and you will elevate!

Make a difference, we are only here for a short beautiful moment, make it count!