Gender Genocide

Gender Genocide, its something that I have witnessed unfolding for a while now, not pretty, but certainly real enough.........

How could 2 people who were once so hopelessly in love, now turn on one another, each armed with the better attorney, and even allowing (in certain circumstances) their own kids to get torn up in the storm?

The conversations happen in every bar and restaurant everywhere, who is coming out ahead who is getting more $ than the other, it's all about winning, its all about despising your opposite gender, and then of course starting the whole process all over again with someone new?

Is this what we have become? I know this all seems very negative, but not meant to be, I still have hope that we will all come to our senses, perhaps, get rid of all the lawyers and try to come together as peaceful and resolute human beings.......we can't keep calling the people in Washington a bunch of incompetent idiots, if we can't even manage our own social lives in a more civilized way, can we? .....................or have I missed something?

it would not be the first time~